19 May

Full-time PHP Programmer
urgently needed

Rp. 8.000.000 per month +
Semi-annually bonus +
Salary increases every year +
Snacks and drinks provided +
Wear T-shirts, shorts, and sandals to office (seriously)

(…in a word — FUN!)

(8 million/month) PHP Programmer

You might be wondering why we encourage you to wear t-shirts and shorts to the office? Reason is simple actually — we want you to have fun while working. We’re the only company in town that does this, by the way.

We’re looking for a Full-Time (40 hours/week) PHP Programmer to help expand our business. If you produce HIGH QUALITY work and posses a strong work attitude, you will definitely be APPRECIATED and TREATED WELL (yes a lot better than other employers, try us…)!

If you can’t give us high quality work (we really mean it when we say HIGH QUALITY [hello!] ), then please stop reading now because this position is definitely not for you. Stop wasting your time and our time!


  • MUST be an EXPERT in ALLof the following:
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • PHP OOP (object oriented programming)
    • Ajax
    • jQuery
    • MySql
    • Javascript
    • Basic WordPress plugin creation from SCRATCH
    • Basic WordPress theme creation from SCRATCH 
  • MUSTbe knowledgeable in :
    • CSS
    • MUST have created and developed web scripts/software before. MUST be able to provide portfolio of previous work done
    • Good written English is a MUST
    • Have at least 2 years experience in a similar field
    • Have a good general knowledge of internet marketing
    • Can follow instructions well — SUPER important
    • Able to work under pressure and tight deadline, and good in managing multitasking tasks
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, service-oriented attitude, fast & self learner, self motivated

Tasks Responsibility And Description

  • Create and develop web/php applications
  • Provide technical support for customers


  • Rp. 8.000.000 per month
  • Semi-anually bonus
  • Salary increases for every year (12 months) that you’ve been with us
  • Snacks and drinks provided
  • Wear T-shirts, shorts, and sandals to office

Who Are We?

We develop and provide software for online entrepreneurs. These software help people:

1. Save time — automate or semi-automate repetitive and monotonous tasks, so that they can focus on other more important business tasks

2. Do tasks they don’t know, that they would otherwise have to hire expensive professionals for

Who Is This Position NOT For?

This is NOT for:

  • Slackers (people who are lazy)
  • Complainers (people who complain all the time)
  • Blamers (people who blame other people instead of taking responsibility for their own actions)
  • People who can’t follow instructions well

Who Is This Position For?

This is for:

  • People who are highly motivated for the LONG-TERM, not just for a few days or weeks
  • People who are willing to work hard and smart
  • People who take responsibility for their own actions (instead of blaming other people)
  • People who can produce HIGH QUALITY work
  • People who want to learn and grow with us


How To Apply (4 Steps)

Step 1: Use only English to apply

Step 2: Send your CV and PORTFOLIO (of previous work done) to:

Step 3 : In your email subject, write the sentence below:
I want to be your php programmer (code: jobsdb8)

Step 4: In your email body, tell me:
Why you are the BEST person for this position. Why should I choose you over other applicants?

Remember to also attach your CV and PORTFOLIO (of previous work done).

The earlier you apply the better since we URGENTLY need this position.


You MUST follow the 4 steps above in order to be considered. No exceptions! You will not be considered if you fail to follow ALL instructions.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

The earlier you apply the better since we URGENTLY need this position.


More Info : Link

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